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 If you can’t find it any other way…… sit on your porch/deck sipping a cold drink and close your eyes, lie in a hammock and watch the clouds, or sit on the grass under a tree this lovely month and relax. What a rest for weary nerves!

Our family, friends and our community will profit from our relaxation. The greatest need today is for calmer souls at peace with our world.

Won’t you agree with me, as you look up at the leafy canopy above you, that your home must be a haven to our spirits as well as a place to supply our physical needs?  ~~ Nell B Nichols


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Why Oprah will never eat another Hamburger!

Hey Gang!

Do you want to know a way that has been proven over and over and is guaranteed to cost less, save you time and effort and best of all it is really is easy and will make you look and feel younger, live longer with way more energy? I felt just like you ….and said, heck, yes!!… bring it on!!

 I tried it and it worked far beyond my imagination. Plus I lost weight and my fav jeans fit again! You don’t have to buy anything special. There is totally no risk and it is guaranteed to benefit you, your family and the environment. Continue reading

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Your Past Relationships Were NOT Accidents!

Good news!! Nothing in life happens by accident. Nothing takes place without producing the opportunity for real and lasting benefit to you. Nothing at all.

All your relationship choices in life, even the ones you thought were less than the best, have lasting value to you in some way that you can use many years later.

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Absolute Key First Date Question to Ask for Mature Women ONLY!

There are critical key questions that are best asked in person, in a face to face conversation, even after meeting your online profile requirements.


This is because you want to read his body and facial language and listen for his tone of voice while he answers your critical questions. Body language and tone of voice make up 80% of our true communication!

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Is your online dating list of qualities too harsh?”

Smart women

Believe it or not, the more straight forward the better because that is the most effective!! Why? Because secretly good men really want to know what you want, and they also want to know what you don’t want. But many don’t want you to know this and work this to their advantage. The smart women clears this up right away! They keep the playing field level, forthright and the power firmly in their grasp!

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Mature ladies has anyone ever accused you of being high maintenance?

Did you know it’s Ok to be high maintenance at times? Hey, that’s why we are all here; it’s alright to support and help each other! That’s different than when we are coming from a needy, desperate center. All of us are high maintenance at times. We are healthy adults and we have true viable needs in a relationship. Adult relationships understand we give to each other and receive from each other. Have you ever been accused of this and how did you handle it?  Would love to hear your thoughts on a women being high maintenance!

older women dating who are high maintenance

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Are You Daring Enough to Share Your Authentic Needs?

  • When you’re in the dating process, looking to choose your life partner and you withhold your true needs, you don’t give yourself the chance to assess the other person’s true character.
  • And when you’re the one doing most of the giving, you only get to see certain aspects of who the other person is. You don’t really get to see if this person is available, at this point in their lives, to really give of themselves.
  • You want to know if they will take a stand for something more than just their own little selves….which is …..to really love another person.
  • You want to give yourself these opportunities. You have to face those moments with courage and compassion……and reveal your full authentic self. What is your opinion of these important concepts?
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Older women are you killing your dreams with anxiety?

Older women dating

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Have you considered how things come to you when you are no longer desperate to have them?

  • It’s not the “not looking” part that allows your soul mate to come to you; it’s the non attachment part that does it.
  • Women who aren’t looking will only allow loving and healthy people in their lives, because desperation isn’t driving them to compromise.
  • They are about living their best lives by pursuing things that capture their interest, good friends and meaningful activities.
  •  It’s not that they are not looking. They are busy enjoying their lives with or without a partner.

Please share your opinions….what is your viewpoint?

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How can you as an older women with little time left choose NOT to be a worrier when dating? Can you artfully present yourself and smartly screen your choices from the first date? Can you boldly state what you are looking for and narrow down your choices right from the get go? Should you keep your power and date several men until the right one tells you he is The One? What do you think would cause the least anxiety for the mature women dating? I would love to hear your opinion! Share the knowledge!

older women dating

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Older women dating

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Older women dating today find the dating world complicated and confusing. It is not at all like the traditional customs they knew years ago.  They ask if   chemistry is more important than core values in dating today? Based on current movies and media it is easy to come to this conclusion.

As Mark Gunger says…..”Sex makes you Stupid”. He is saying that becoming sexually intimate too soon seriously clouds our objective judgment for compatibility in a mate.  Dating is a pleasurable process of discovery for the person who is very clear about what they need and want. However, dating is not for the faint at heart, especially, if older women are unfocused or unsure of what they really need in a relationship.

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